WASP: The DIY Hacker Drone

DIY Hacker Drone: Homemade surveillance craft can launch airborne cyber attacks -- The implications and potential uses for Wasp are quite extraordinary. It could find mobile phones in disaster areas and lead rescuers to survivors, or it could fly over a disaster zone to act as a mobile phone tower enabling calls. However, if it were to fall into the wrong hands, Wasp could quite easily infiltrate a company's computer networks via unsecured wi-fi networks. And that's just for starters. Mr Perkins said: 'I can take the various pieces of your digital life - Bluetooth headset, mobile phone, wi-fi - and find the least secure place you exist and attack you there.' Even more worryingly, Wasp could carry a small payload, opening up the potential for smugglers to use it or to serve as a targeted biological or nuclear weapon in a terror attack. Unsurprisingly, authorities in the U.S. will not allow the drone to fly over populated areas.