Iran Claims Capture of US Drone

Tehran has claimed it captured an American spy drone after the aircraft entered its airspace, Iran's Press TV reports. The US Navy and the White House denied the claim, saying that none of Washington's drones in the Gulf region were lost. In response to a journalist's question about the allegations, White House spokesman Jay Carney said, "We have no evidence that the Iranian claims you cite are true." "All our active unmanned aerial vehicles working here have been accounted for," US 5th Fleet spokesperson Commander Jason Salata said earlier. In response, Iranian Revolutionary Guard spokesperson Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif advised US commanders to count their drones again. "Its capture is not an issue the Americans can easily refute," Sharif said. The Iranian media even showed the video footage of the ScanEagle, claiming it was that very flying object Iran captured. It is not the first time that US drones have been brought down in Iran. Tehran earlier reported about at least dozens instances of American spy drones shut down since the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.