HammerHead UAS Makes First Flight

Piaggio Aero, together with Selex ES, announces at the Dubai Airshow 2013 that the P.1HH HammerHead Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) has achieved the demonstration and validation phase of the programme with the maiden flight of the P.1HH DEMO, Piaggio Aero's UAV technology demonstrator. This flight is a fundamental milestone that paves the way to the next phase of the programme development. The flight readiness of the P.1HH DEMO flight Technology Demonstrator had been confirmed by the first flight, which occurred on Thursday 14 November 2013, at the Trapani (Italy) "Birgi" Italian Air Force base. The P.1HH DEMO UAV has taken off at a rotation speed of 110 kts and performed a flight over the Mediterranean sea for approximately 12 minutes, while being remotely piloted from the Ground Control Station, which allowed for testing of the navigation system and verification of maneuvering capabilities in both manual and automatic flight modes. The flight was performed in mid-flap configuration with landing gear extended. The aircraft reached an altitude of 2,000 ft. and a speed of 170 Kts, flying at 12 miles from the base. The UAS landed at 1.15 pm at the Trapani military airport completing its first flight test.

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