Cassidian - Sagitta UCAV Concept Pics

Cassidian's Unmanned Air Vehicle programme "Sagitta" enters integration phase. Dubai, 17 November 2013 - First demonstrator flight in 2015. "Sagitta", Cassidian's research programme aiming at development of future Unmanned Aerial Systems' (UAS) technologies, enters into a new decisive phase: Following development and testing of core elements, the integration of the aircraft starts in Cassidian's Military Air Systems Center Manching, close to Munich. In the project "Sagitta" Cassidian is conducting basic research into future Unmanned Aerial Systems Technologies together with universities and research institutes. It includes the construction of a flight demonstrator, the purpose of which is to verify the validity and feasibility of the theoretical research results. The integration is planned to be finalized end of next year; first flights of the Sagitta demonstrator are scheduled for 2015. "Sagitta is a perfect example of a successful cooperation between industry, research institutes and universities in the field of high technology and future-oriented research," says Aimo Buelte, Head of Research & Technology at Cassidian. "Our goal with Sagitta is to raise our knowledge of Unmanned Aerial Systems to the next level, because UAS are the future of aviation."


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