Meteor & Venom Fly Together at Kemble


Meteor NF-11 jet night fighter G-LOSM (WM167) and de Havilland Venom FB.1 (FB50) G-VENM (WK436) jet fighter-bomber displaying together at Kemble. The Meteor NF-11 was the first of a series of twin jet, two seat, radar equipped, night fighter aircraft developed by the Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft company and based on the Gloster Meteor T7 two seat jet trainer. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft were a sister company of the Gloster Aircraft Company and were given the contract to design and build a jet replacement for the de Havilland Mosquito night fighters. The single engine de Havilland Venom FB.1 fighter-bomber aircraft featured in this video is a single seat FB1 fighter-bomber version of the Venom in the markings of 11 Squadron, Royal Air Force. The twin-boomed tail design of the de Havilland Venom (DH112) was developed from the earlier de Havilland Vampire aircraft. The Venom can be distinguished from the Vampire by the swept leading edge to the wing and wing-tip fuel tanks The Armstrong Whitworth (Gloster) Meteor NF.11 (WM167 / G-LOSM) and de Havilland Venom FB.1 (G-VENM / WK436) in this video are operated by the Air Atlantique Classic Flight based in Coventry.


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