B-52s Fly in China's Air Defense Zone


A pair of American B-52 bombers flew over a disputed island chain in the East China Sea without informing Beijing, U.S. officials said Tuesday, in a direct challenge to China and its establishment of an expanded air defense zone. The planes flew out of Guam and entered the new Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone at about 7 p.m. Washington time Monday, according to a U.S. official. Over the weekend, Beijing said... China is standing firm on its new Air Defense Identification Zone for the East China Sea. Announced on Saturday, the zone contains islands known as the Diaoyu to China and the Senkaku to Japan -- claimed by both countries. Beijing's decision to impose a new Air Defense Identification Zone in the region, will mean Japanese aircraft flying over the disputed islands will now have to obey Chinese rules or be subject to what China calls "defensive emergency measures".

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