2013 Fall Security Clearance Decisions

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Applying for a security clearance is a stressful process, and even if you have every tip under the sun, you might still be fretting. It's important to know that most security clearance applications are cleared. But, there are applicants who do get rejected. Here are a few examples of security clearance applicants who didn't quite make it, who did, and the reasons why. Check out the full page here if you want to see a complete list for 2013.

Financial - Case Number: 11-13286.h1 10/02/2013 Applicant is responsible for two financial delinquencies totaling approximately $19,688. The debts are long-standing, and Applicant failed to provide documentation establishing that he is not responsible for the debts. He failed to mitigate security concerns under the financial considerations adjudicative guideline. Clearance is denied.

Foreign Influence - Case Number: 11-06925.h1 10/01/2013 Applicant is close to his father, several siblings, and a friend who are citizens and residents of Pakistan. He provides financial support to his family living in Pakistan. He owns valuable property in Pakistan. Over the last 11 years, he has visited Pakistan seven times for 15-20 days on each visit. His most recent visit was in December 2012. Foreign influence security concerns are not mitigated. Clearance is denied.

Financial; Personal Conduct - Case Number: 12-09196.h1 9/30/2013 In August 2005, Applicant quit his job after being told he would be fired because of a conflict of interest between his personal business and his employer's business. He was unemployed from October 2010 to January 2011 and from April 2012 to April 2013. In October 2011, he was fired from a part-time job for failing to follow procedures for clocking in and clocking out. He accumulated numerous delinquent debts, many of which are unresolved. Clearance is denied.

Information Technology; Personal Conduct; Sexual Behavior - Case Number: 11-09770.h1 9/30/2013 Applicant did not mitigate the personal conduct, sexual behavior, and misuse of information technology security concerns. Over the course of six years, from 2003 to 2009, he actively searched for, received, and viewed child pornography. He also hacked into the e-mail, internet, and computer accounts of others looking for images to gratify his deviant sexual interests. Applicant's past conduct continues to cast doubt on his current reliability, trustworthiness, and good judgment. Clearance is denied.

Financial; Criminal Conduct; Alcohol; Personal Conduct - Case Number: 10-10932.h1 9/27/2013 Applicant contests the Department of Defense's (DoD) intent to deny her eligibility for a security clearance to work in the defense industry. The four charged-off or delinquent accounts alleged in the Statement of Reasons (SOR), totaling $16,500, have been resolved. As have the alcohol consumption, criminal conduct, and personal conduct security concerns. Clearance is granted.

Financial - Case Number: 11-11774.h1 9/24/2013 Applicant is 37 years old and employed as a Software Engineer by a defense contractor. Applicant's excessive tax liability, caused by working as an independent contractor, and not paying his taxes or filing his returns on time, has been mitigated. Applicant has either paid his delinquent taxes or set up an installment agreement that he is following to resolve his debt. His delinquent returns have been filed. Clearance is granted.

Drugs - Case Number: 11-08589.h1 9/12/2013 Applicant used cocaine approximately 6 or 7 times in 2005 and 2006 and marijuana one time in 2005. He credibly testified and submitted a sworn personal statement, stating that he did not intend to use any illegal substance in the future. Applicant did not reveal his drug usage on a Security Clearance Application (SCA) that he completed in 2008, but his drug usage was revealed by him in 2009, on a second SCA and to a Government investigator. Applicant was arrested and convicted of DUI and Trespass in 2001, but he has committed no other criminal conduct since that time. Mitigation has been shown. Clearance is granted.

Alcohol; Drugs; Mental - Case Number: 11-09595.h1 8/7/2013 Applicant was a polysubstance abuser, diagnosed with polysubstance dependence in 2004, who experimented with several illegal drugs (ceasing well before February 2004); routinely abused marijuana (abstaining since February 2009); self-medicated by purchasing and using prescription pain killers when his own prescriptions expired (ceasing in August 2004); and consumed alcohol to the point of impairment, intoxication, and black out (abstinent since February 2010). The combination of his conditions caused him to make a suicide attempt or gesture in 2000. Applicant's substance abuse resulted in six incidents involving the police and judicial authorities, as well as several treatment, education, or aftercare programs. There were episodes of slips and relapses after completing treatment programs. Applicant attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. There is substantial evidence of positive actions taken to overcome his polysubstance dependence for both drugs and alcohol. Applicant's more recent actions indicate good judgment, which reduces questions about his reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified information. Clearance is granted.

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