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What You Thought You Knew about Trucking and Florida

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Is there a more diverse industry than trucking, with a greater variety of opportunities?

Diesel mechanics, warehouse workers, sales, office, and or course drivers. The majority of drivers actually drive locally, but others roam the lower 48.

Trucking and logistics are in some people’s genes, but others are just entering the field. Schools are skilled at training techs and drivers. Long-timers and newcomers can find a home in the career.

Florida is a surprise to most. You went to Disney as a kid or to the beach for spring break? You haven’t seen the real Florida.

Business-friendly. Family-oriented. Logistics hub. Third largest state. Four seasons on the north end, but all tropical in the south.

The veteran community—both in trucking and in Florida—is large and growing. Opportunities both for successful careers and quality of life are unsurpassed.

With the combination of a surprising trucking industry and equally fascinating state, no wonder veterans and active military members transitioning out are increasingly considering Florida as home base.

Economics is another reason. Techs, drivers, materials handlers, and other logistics pros are in high demand, so pay scales are rising rapidly. Florida has no state income tax—one of only four major states to make that claim—so pay checks stretch further.

There is a “Welcome Veterans” sign at the Florida line. The state has grant programs for training and to help companies hire vets. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has special programs to facilitate vets getting a commercial driver’s license.

Florida Trucking Association (FTA) has developed a major veterans outreach initiative to provide information and connect veterans with actual jobs at FTA members. It also partners with tech and driving schools to encourage entry into the industry for less experienced people.

Vets take pride in their military service and frequently look for a profession that gives a similar sense of pride. They need look no further than the trucking industry. It is the heartbeat of the U.S. economy. Every product from food to medicine to the U.S. mail to furniture to cars and the fuel to move them reaches us on a truck. Moreover, truckers are historically known for their strong patriotic outlook.

Florida needs vets to keep its economy growing fast. And Florida’s trucking community deeply values those servicemen and women who work hard, love their families, and want a positive career.

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