Transportation and Logistics Credential Online

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Obtaining a transportation or logistician job doesn't require years of higher learning, but it does require certain certifications. Fortunately for Soldiers, the Army provides access to a number of credential programs via COOL, and the Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) credential is among them. By obtaining this credential while in the service, Soldiers will enter the civilian working world with immediate access to transportation and logistics careers. It's important to consider taking this course prior to leaving the military – time spent obtaining the credential is time not spent obtaining employment.

The American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L) program offers the designation of CTL to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of four modules of required study material, as well as two elective modules. The Society's modules and associated examinations are prepared by a Board of Examiners consisting of Certified Educator Members within AST&L. It is possible for candidates to receive waivers on the basis of education. All CTL candidates must be members of AST&L and have a bachelor's degree or three years of professional experience. The Board realizes that many applicants are employed on a full-time basis and, as such, are limited in the amount of time available to prepare for the examinations so the Board of Examiners has established a five (5) year maximum time limit for acceptance of completed requirements. The five year time period begins after the successful completion of the first examination, or receipt of the first waiver.

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