Time to Refresh the Resume

The resume is the best way job seekers can show-off their skills and ability to communicate. However, most resumes are littered with mistakes that land them right into the trash. These mistakes can range from anachronistic work dates to out-of-date language. Most resumes are only updated when a job is lost or acquired but it should be updated and corrected on a continuous basis. Here are four more reasons to keep your resume updated: Reason #1: The Job Market Is Always Changing Our economy and the jobs created by it are fluid, varying from month to month and state to state. These changes in the job market could influence which skills and accomplishments you want to emphasize or which places you indicate you're willing to relocate to on your Monster resume. To keep tabs on the hiring activity in different locations and fields, keep your eye on the Monster Employment Index. This can be one way to measure which sectors and regions are creating the most jobs. Reason #2: Your Resume Is a Work in Progress Your resume reflects your skills, capabilities and career accomplishments. As you evolve, your resume should evolve, too. Like many things, if you make a point of updating your resume frequently, it will prove to be much easier on you in the long run. Reason #3: You Can Experiment If you're willing to revisit your resume on a continual basis, this frees you up to do some experimenting and testing. You can tinker with the resume title and job descriptions, and then come back to your My Monster account to see how the changes impact the number of times your resume is viewed by employers with access to Monster's resume database. Reason #4: Language Changes Even if your skills and accomplishments haven't changed, it's possible that some of the terminology used to describe them has. This is particularly true in fields that are touched by technology -- and most fields are these days. As such, it makes sense periodically to go through your resume with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the terms you use are accurate and up to date.
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