10 Jobs Due for a Raise

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Last year's recession affected the employed as well as the unemployed. Many Americans lost their jobs -evidenced by the 10 percent unemployment rate - but the ones who were able to retain their employment saw suspended raises, zero 401 (k) matching, or the elimination of some benefits. However, with a new decade comes a renewed hope in economic recovery and the job market. In fact, when the Federal Reserve announced that the recession was ending, employers claimed their finances were set to improve in 2010 and that they may dole out raises once again, according to a Yahoo finance report.

This is good news for employees or job seekers in information technology, finance, or administrative positions. Many employers are looking for specific in-demand skills that these positions need, and want to compensate their current workers for their expertise or start off new employees at higher salaries.

Yahoo finance compiled a list of the 10 jobs that will get raises this year. Take a look and see if you're due for more money in 2010:

1. Tax accountant. Have at least two years experience at a big company? Your starting salary may range from $46,500 to $61,500.

2. Compliance director. Yahoo reports that new regulations and accounting rules have made compliance specialists a hot commodity in today's job market. Salaries range from $83,700 to $108,500.

3. Credit manager/supervisor. There's a lot of demand for employees who can manage delinquent accounts. Starting salaries range from $42,500 to $57,500.

4. Senior financial analyst. If you can find a way to boost profitability for your current or future employer you stand to make between $57,750 and $74,000.

5. Network administrator. Administers can $54,500 to more than $80,000 if they can handle cloud computing, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), and software.

6. Information systems security manager. Employers are always looking for ways to safeguard their information from hackers or breaches. If you're tech-savvy you can make at least $96,500 to $130,750.

7. Systems engineer. Building and maintaining tech support will earn you $64,250 to $93,250.

8. Medical records clerk. An experienced medical clerk can make $31,500.

9. Customer service representative. Oftentimes, customer service is the first line of defense against consumer dissatisfaction and is "critical" to a company's survival. Starting salaries range from $22,750 to $30,750.

10. Executive assistant. EA's are asked to do quite a bit in their daily jobs, from getting lunch to ordering paper, to scheduling appointments. What's more, they must multitask often. Starting pay is $35,000 to $47,000.

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