5 Reasons Why You Need an MBA

There's a shift in education trends. In the 1990s employees needed just a bachelor's degree to get ahead in business. In the new millennium, more corporations require high-level executives to have a master's degree. Veterans, who have a college degree, inarguably have more experience than most workers. However, if veterans get a master's degree the sky's the limit. Here are five great reasons for getting a graduate degree:

  1. Career or Salary Advancement: Most corporations might require it's future upper-level executives to have a master's degree or higher.
  2. Professional Licensing: Psychologists, social workers, and professionals that treat or counsel clients will definitely need to obtain this degree. The proper licensing is required not only for professional purposes but also for insurance purposes.
  3. A Career in Academia: The corporate world is not for everyone and there is a shortage of good teachers. In order to become a teacher, veterans need a master's degree to teach at a two-year college, and a doctorate is necessary to teach at a four-year institution.
  4. The Job Market is Tough: A faltering job market can be the best thing that happened to a veteran. The time spent in a graduate school program will make veterans more marketable upon graduation.
  5. Because You Love to Learn: There are plenty of veterans that go back to graduate school because they love the classroom. Career and salary advancement are nice perks, but the opportunity to obtain a high-level education is priceless.
Graduate school will require significant time and financial sacrifices. However, veterans have resources available to them for returning to school. Check out the Military.com Education Center for more information about your GI Bill benefits, selecting a degree, finding the right school, and much more.
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