Transitions: Individual Transition Plan

The key to a successful transition is planning, which requires a carefully thought out Individual Transition Plan (ITP). The ITP is your game plan for your education, training and employment objectives and can help you make a successful transition to civilian life. It is also a framework you can use to achieve realistic career goals based upon your unique skills, knowledge, experience and abilities.

The ITP is something you create for yourself using a checklist and planning sheets available online by clicking Individual Transition Plan to select and print your planning sheets. The ITP helps you identify actions and activities associated with your transition then organize those activities into manageable tasks. It also helps you to establish a timeline for completing the activities you select. Because you create your ITP, you can modify it at any time. To create a successful ITP you should consider planning fo rthe following critical success factors:

  • Taking Care of Family Needs
  • Getting Financially Ready
  • Preparing For a New Career
  • Continuing Your Education
  • Getting Job Related Training, Certification, and Licensure
  • Finding a New Job
  • Starting a Business
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