Top 5 Reasons People Love Their Job

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It's not breaking news that many people don't enjoy their jobs. There are many factors that can contribute, but what may be worth looking at are reasons people do enjoy their work. Mashable recently used data gathered by TINYpulse about workplace satisfaction to identify the top 5 reasons people love their jobs. If you're currently among the disgruntled ranks, or are worried that you may join them soon, take a look at this list and keep them in mind while you send out resumes and get interviewed.

1.  The people you work with. Whether your job is amazing or abysmal, colleagues and coworkers can make or break your experience at work. Many veterans remember the camaraderie they shared with other servicemembers during their time in the military. It's rare to find that type of relationship in the civilian world, but it is possible to find a job with coworkers you trust, respect, and rely on. It can be difficult to ensure that a company employs people you'll work well with, so if you have chance, talk to as many of them as you can before accepting an offer.

2. Freedom in the workplace. No one likes being micromanaged, and a healthy degree of autonomy in the workplace can keep you motivated. Often, certain freedoms must be earned, but there's a difference between a boss who checks your work after it's completed and a boss who tries to direct you every step of the way. While interviewing for a job, ask your interviewer about their style of management and, separately, how much independence employees are expected to maintain.

3. Culture of the company. Company culture plays a big role in job satisfaction. What are the values of the company? How does management run the operation? What type of work ethic do most employees exhibit? Companies usually try to establish that you'll mesh well with them before you're hired, but that doesn't mean that they will mesh with you. If you can afford to, identify whether or not the company exhibits the values you believe in before signing on.

4. Variety of work. Monotonous work is rarely enjoyable. It can rear its head in almost any position, regardless of the industry or job description. Many people say that part of their enjoyment at work comes from participating in a variety of tasks, so make sure you have a clear understanding of what the day to day work will entail.

5. New challenges. Staring down years of stagnation is not an ideal way to spend your time. If your work isn't challenging, your brain won't be engaged and you'll get bored. Boredom, over time, can mutate into a number of nasty attitudes that will impair your quality of work and enjoyment of life. Some jobs will inherently offer challenges, but if you find yourself lacking any new metaphorical mountains to climb, it may be time to push upwards or move out.

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