Expert Provides 3 Pillars of Job Hunting

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FORT RUCKER, Ala. – When it comes to job hunting, it takes intelligence, self-confidence and persistence. 

Intelligence – Prospective job seekers have to use their intelligence to find the right job, in the right location, at the right time, in order for them to be successful. Intelligent job seekers will find out as much as they can about the job climate and the job market before they ever begin to search for a job. They will also give some thought to what they want to do in their next job or career. 

Furthermore, they will need to figure out if they have the skills and experience necessary to do something different, or determine if they want to continue on with what they are experienced at doing. 

It will take a certain amount of intelligence and skill to figure out these details and assimilate them, so they can be beneficial to the job seekers. Once they figure out these details, intelligent prospective job seekers will make a job search plan, and implement it to perfection, in order to be successful. Most successful job seekers don't just use a haphazard approach to job searching –they are more intelligent than that. 

Self-confidence – Job seekers should not construe self-confidence as being cocky. However, job seekers must believe in themselves and their abilities in order to market themselves effectively and efficiently to employers. 

Therefore, job seekers need self-confidence to effectively communicate their experience and skills to employers. 

When it comes to marketing yourself, silence is not golden. You have to be ready to explain details and give examples of your past successful accomplishments, without being prompted to do so. Furthermore, you have to relate to employers how you can use your skills and experience to benefit them. 

Persistence – Only a handful of job seekers ever get the first job they apply for. In fact, it may be more beneficial for job seekers to get more employment offers before they determine which one is right for them. After all, their future earnings are based upon the salary they negotiate from the employer initially. 

If job seekers only have one job offer, they don't have anything concrete to compare it to. Job seekers need to understand that they won't get a job offer from every employer they apply to. They will probably hear the word "no" more often than "yes" – better yet, in most cases, they will probably hear nothing at all. 

They will need to learn not to let this rejection bother them or hamper their job search. After all, until job seekers get a job, searching for the right job is their job. 

For more information on these topics and any other job search-related topic, call the Fort Rucker Soldier for Life Center at 255-2558.

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