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When you transition, your first instinct might be to head back to your hometown, but that may not always be the best option. Rather than sticking just with what you know, your best bet may be to go where the jobs are: finding cities with job growth potential can increase your chances of landing a career. put together loads of useful information and provided a detailed list of the top 10 cities for job searching. We've collated some of the juiciest bits and have provided them for you below. 1. Cheyenne, WY – Right now, Cheyenne is experiencing growth in a variety of industries, and that provides job seekers with plenty of options. Primarily, the healthcare, transportation, and retail industries are expanding. With an unemployment rate of 4.2%, Cheyenne is a solid bet for anyone coming out of the military. Job Growth: 45%

2. San Jose, CA – Sunny San Jose has benefited tremendously from the tech boom, an effect of being in the heart of Silicon Valley. Not only is there an abundance of tech jobs in the area, but industries like healthcare and business are booming as well. It is important to know that these industries tend to require college degrees and the cost of living is 40% above the national average, so plan accordingly before transitioning. Job Growth: 8%

3. Manchester, NH – The city of Manchester, NH is currently a great place to find jobs in the healthcare industry. There are many openings for jobs like dietary aides, physicians, and medical assistants. Retail and sales are also growing, and with a higher than average rate of job growth, this may be an excellent place to find work. Job Growth: 28%

4. Des Moines, IA – If you want to live somewhere with a lower-than-average cost of living and excellent job growth, look no further than Des Moines, IA. Des Moines is seeing growth in customer service, transportation, and healthcare, and the cost of living is 20% below average which makes this city a very a promising place to live. Job Growth: 33%

5. Champaign, IL – Champaign, IL is experiencing an explosion in job creation: the healthcare, transportation, and IT industries are scrambling to find employees. There are plenty of jobs available at each level of education. Some of the easiest jobs currently available are cashiers, nursing assistants, and customer service representatives. Job Growth: 75%

6. Lawton, OK – Perhaps one of the most accessible cities of all, Lawton, OK is a cheaper-than-average place to live and has job opportunities in a variety of industries. Whether you're looking for work as a data entry clerk, truck driver, or registered nurse, there's a variety of jobs to choose from. Job Growth: 85%

7. Sioux City, IA – The manufacturing industry is currently experiencing a shortage of workers, and Sioux City, IA is bearing the brunt of that impact. The city also has need of employees in transportation and customer service, so advanced degrees aren't necessary to take advantage of the job growth boom. Job Growth: 87%

8. Jackson, TN – For one of the best ratios of unemployed individuals to jobs posted, Jackson, TN is the place to go. In need of truck drivers, registered nurses, machine operators, and more, the below-average unemployment rate and cost of living make this an attractive city. Job Growth: 61%

9. Harrisburg, PA – A welcoming place for healthcare professionals, Harrisburg, PA enjoys a low, 6% unemployment rate. Even if that isn't your industry of choice, there are plenty of jobs in the transportation and IT industries. With a 2:1 ration of unemployed individuals to posted jobs, prospective candidates have a decent chance at securing employment. Job Growth: 46%

10. San Francisco, CA –Similar to San Jose, the city by the bay is reaping the benefits of a tech boom. San Francisco, CA has plenty of jobs available in the IT industry, but healthcare and management are also on the rise. Although job growth is waxing, the cost of living is a staggering 52% above national average, making San Francisco a fairly difficult place to live if finances are tight. Job Growth: 29%

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