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President Trump Asks Supporters to Help Brand the Space Force

(Trump Make America Great Again Committee)

After Vice President Pence made the formal announcement about the Space Force on Thursday, the Trump campaign committee sent out an email to supporters asking them to help choose a logo for the USA's sixth military branch. (Can we just agree that it's number six and keep any quibbling about the Marine Corps or Coast Guard to ourselves? Thx.)

If you're one of those Americans not on board with #MAGA, here's the email.

(Trump Make America Great Again Committee)

So many questions!

  • Will the winning design be the official logo of the Space Force or will this image be exclusive to gear purchased by campaign contributors?
  • Will the president donate the logo to the Pentagon after his campaign committee sells t-shirts and coffee mugs?
  • Or will the Space Force get a cut of the proceeds from this campaign? Rocket laser guns are sure to be expensive. 
  • Who designed these logos? Will they get credit if their design wins?

Here's our official Under the Radar ranking of President Trump's logo ideas:

1. The "NASA"

This one seems directly inspired by NASA, using one of the organization's favorite fonts slapped onto a red version of the agency's classic meatball logo. Downside: It's sure to annoy Americans who believe we faked the moon landing.

2. The Sci-Fi

This one has to be near-and-dear to President Trump's heart. Any kid who grew up in the 50s would love this spaceship and, aside from the NASA font, the image hearkens back to an era when Americans ruled the planets.

3. The "Tattoo"

The spacing on the font may be a little off (for all you kerning obsessives), but the classic spaceship design and the excellent flames make this one the best choice for your Space Force tattoo. Get yours now and you'll be OG if they adopt this one but tweak the design later.

4. The "Chemtrail"

Not only do we get a more contemporary rocket ship, we get an awesome exhaust plume that will spread FREEDOM throughout the galaxy. If the "Space Force" was more readable, this would be #1.

5. The "Kitchen Sink"

Who let this one through. It's way too busy and hard to read. The rocket ship suggests that it came from the same designer who gave us the "Chemtrail," but this one buries the spacecraft and the swirling red exhaust trail makes Space Force hard to read.

6. "Low Expectations"

America's Space Force is sure to be the greatest interplanetary service in the history of the universe. Why aim so low? Mars is a baby step. We're out to explore the darkest unknown galaxies and bring democracy to all peoples. Also, they're not even trying with that font.

What do you think? Have we found our Space Force logo? Will you be voting in the Trump campaign's poll? Buying hats and coffee mugs once they announce the winner?

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