Under the Radar

How to Move a Humongous Submarine


The Smithsonian Channel series Humongous Moves premieres on Sunday, March 26th at 9pm ET/PT with an episode called "Supersize Submarines." Check out the clip below.


A team of team of marine engineers tries to beat the arrival of winter blizzards as they try move a colossal 1,400 ton British-built submarine 700 miles across water and land in Canada. Things don't go smoothly on a journey through the stormy North Atlantic Sea, narrow locks and a perilously steep railway.

Future episodes will feature super-sized projects that move two historic A4 Pacific steam locomotives, transporting a massive World War One artillery gun 400 miles to Holland, and even moving a search and rescue helicopter on a Coast Guard’s tight deadline without flying. Like most Smithsonian shows, this one seems to understand that what the engineers are trying to do is more interesting than any made-up reality show conflict between them.

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