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SNL Takes On Nepotism in the U.S. Army


Maybe you're not watching Saturday Night Live because of the show's attacks on a certain high-profile target.


We're here for you. This week's episode actually had a funny military skit that had nothing to do with politics. (To be a bit more precise: "nothing to do with politics unless even the sight of Alec Baldwin's face sends you into a rage against Hollywood/New York liberals.")

SNL describes the video this way: "A drill sergeant (Alec Baldwin) goes easier on his son (Mikey Day) than the other soldiers (Alex Moffat, Kyle Mooney). From February 11, 2017."

Feel free to comment after you watch the video, if you can get past the fact that the SNL video intern calls Colonel Larson (Baldwin's character) a "drill sergeant" and completely misunderstands the power dynamic here. Poor Private Larson is trying to make his way and fit in with his unit and his helicopter parents just can't help themselves.

Also: is that a wig on Alec?

Check out the skit below.




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