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Marine Amputee Plans to Take on Everest


Charlie Linville, a former Marine who lost part of his leg while serving in Afghanistan, has traveled to Nepal with the aim of climbing Mount Everest. Linville is being supported by veterans group The Heroes Project, which has taken injured veterans to the top of the tallest peaks on six of the seven continents of the world.

Everest is the last mountain on their list. At 29,000 feet, it's also the tallest. And, as anyone who's read Into Thin Air knows, one of the most dangerous. Linville has been waiting for the past two years because his previous attempts were delayed by natural disasters on the mountain.

Linville thinks the experience will help him. "I was looking for something to completely change myself...and really get rid of the demons that were created from war," he said.


Charlie Linville and Tim Medvetz

The Heroes Project was founded by former Hell's Angel Tim Medvetz, who managed to summit Everest in 2007, six years after surviving a near-fatal motorcycle accident. He now climbs the world's tallest mountains with injured combat veterans. Watch a CBS News report on the ascent below.


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