Under the Radar

Help the TACPs win Mr. Valentine's Day 2014

by Daniel Reeder

Betabrand is a clothing store in San Francisco. Apparently a couple of deployed TACPs want to win Betabrand's 2ND Annual  Mr. Valentine's Day contest. If they win, their faces will be painted on the side of the company's delivery van. If they lose, it will be the face of some hipster in front of the Eiffel Tower. I, George Washington and every bald eagle that ever lived want you to go vote for the two TACPs.

What's the Betabrand 2nd Annual Valentine's Day contest you ask? Glad you asked. It requires the submission of a "heart-achingly romantic" picture. Apparently the more ridiculous the better - which of course suits the TACP community perfectly. How do you help them win? Glad you asked. Just visit Facebook and like this picture. Further details are here.


What's a TACP? Check out the video below:


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