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'Homeland' Tries to Recapture the Magic

HOMELAND (Season 2)

Homeland returns for season three this Sunday on Showtime. This time last year, when season two was about to air, the show was an Emmy-winning breakthrough from the guys who made 24, a show that managed to take the tedium out of intelligence work and make it into high drama.


Then Agent Carrie Matheson went from trying to convince everyone that the war hero Nicholas Brody was actually a terrorist to a torrid romance with her target. It was almost like Maya from Zero Dark Thirty fell in love with Osama bin Laden.

If you quit watching the show, a big bomb at CIA headquarters wiped out half the cast and provided an opportunity for a reset in season three. Saul is now at least temporarily running the CIA, Brody's off in Canada and Carrie is back on the reservation trying to prove that Brody's at least not guilty of the most recent act of terror.

Early reviews of the reboot are good, even though at least some viewers don't like the way the show portrays Carrie's bipolar condition. Here's the question: do you think Homeland deserves another shot?

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