Under the Radar

An Eagle Eye View


GoPro footage of eagle flying

by Daniel Reeder

A video first spotted on Reddit has been making the rounds of the interwebz over the last few days. It's an eagle with a GoPro mounted on it's back. The footage is amazing.


Before you get too carried away and yell 'MERICA!, keep in mind this was filmed in France.

There are some other videos out there shot in a similar fashion. This image is a screenshot from a BBC documentary about Kazakhs in Mongolia using golden eagles to hunt wolves, foxes and other prey.

Kazakh hunts fox with a golden eagle in Mongolia

I'd like to see some long GoPro footage of such a golden eagle hunt, of an American Bald Eagle here in the US (of course that's assuming PETA didn't raise a stink), a falcon hunting in the desert and maybe an osprey "gone fishin'".

Dagno sends.

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