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Panic in the Twilight Room



Folks need their stories. With the long, slow demise of TV soap operas, writers and actors are trying to reinvent the format online. While plans to reinvent All My Children and One Live to Live as online-only shows didn't quite pan out, lots of other people are taking a go at bringing the serial drama into the 21st century.Hollywood veteran and Fried Green Tomatoes director Jon Avnet joined with Albert Nobbs director Rodrigo Garcia to launch the WIGS channel on YouTube.

WIGS is debuting short-form dramatic series that feature female leads and Kendra, their latest 8-episode series tells the story of a post-op nurse whose three roommates are all either Afghanistan or Iraq vetetrans. Kendra's played by Sarah Jones (from Alcatraz and Sons of Anarchy) as mysterious, conflicted and (possibly) bi-sexual.

In our exclusive clip from the next episode, Kendra has a coffee with Macy after her husband (played by Lucius Malfoy himself, Jason Isaacs) may or may not have confessed to an affair while doped up in the "twilight room." The couple most definitely did not have a sex pact (an arrangement that some people think is a myth) and now Macy's having a meltdown. To console her, Kendra shares the story of a jealous fight she had with her best girlfriend before deployment and we get the sense that the girl climbed into that chopper and never came home.

Of course, that's a cliffhanger. You'll have to watch the episode (or the next two or three) to find out what's going on. You meet her roommates briefly in episode 2. Whatever's really happening with them has yet to be revealed, so stay tuned. Kendra (like all the WIGS episodes) is shown in 7-minute clips so it's perfect for waiting in line at carpool or the DMV.

You can check out the first episode below and see the rest of them here.


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