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We knew Katy Perry's new video for "Part of Me" was gonna have to be a Mad Duo diatribe the minute we saw it.…however, journalistic standards imposed on us by good taste, common sense and Military.com forbid us from directly addressing some of the things many of you jarheads (especially the 03s) are already saying and doing. Look at it this way.…no need for sand goggles to enjoy watching her do her thing.

This may be the best looking combination of boobs and guns since Brittney, Nikki and our WTA girls. Of course, it’s not as hot as they are, because they can all actually shoot.

Hot representation of Marine uniform, tastefully done.

Tell you what though, for all of you who are so butthurt about it, and complaining about it. Seriously? Quit whining. It’s a music video that shows the Marine Corps in a positive light. Yeah, we know, barracks rat and wook jokes galore, but c’mon. You can't talk about ‘earning it before you wear it’ and then watch a The Sands of Iwo Jima or Heartbreak Ridge, nor can you bad-mouth all WMs and not be disrespecting your own Corps. We love you grunts but damn sometimes you guys’re dumb as a bag of hammers.

Assclown. NOT a tasteful representation. Curb stomp merited?

Sure, it’s moto and unrealistic, but dig it. She kept her finger straight and off the trigger, right? There’s no EGA on the cover, which is respectful, and even Katy Perry doesn’t rate an M4. That's pretty accurate. You’ve got a celebrity who isn’t a s$&tbag like a-Buck-Fitty or whatever his name is wearing utes pretty close to the regs instead of profaning your dress blues.

Besides, we like WMs. Well, some of them.

Hot. Tasteful use of Marine cammies.

Saying that, we do have a few questions. Why wasn’t she in silkies? Why isn’t that DI wearing a smoky or using knife hands? Why wasn’t she PTing in silkies and a tight t-shirt? Why did she wrap her boobs and bind ‘em down? Oh, and why wasn’t she in silkies?

Assclown. Distasteful representation of the uniform.

MARPAT is the current generation of a uniform that has always been a metaphor for carnage. A devil dog cover is iconic. Slaying bodies. Living the suck and being at war when hardly anyone else is. Would it have been our first choice to have an Elmo-loving pop star do a video in diggies at Horno? No, but it could have been a damnsight worse and besides, what do you expect when you take away rolled sleeves and start talkin’ about restricting tattoos? No rolled up sleeves? You guys have bigger things to worry about than a music video.

HOT. Tasteful use of cammies.

Still wish she’d been in silkies. Go back to what you were doing. It’s yours. You can wash it as fast and as often as you want.

Assclown. Distasteful use of the uniform.

Oh, and apparently there was a song to that video. We didn't like it. Nothing against Katy. We should also make it clear that nothing in this article was meant to mean any disrespect to these ladies or any of their sisters:



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