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KISS Wants to Hire a Vet


Some of us around here are old enough to remember a time when getting caught with a KISS logo on your spiral notebook would get you sent to the principal's office, so it's nice to see that America has mellowed enough that the band is allowed to partner with a whitebread institution like the Today Show in the Hiring Our Heroes initiative.

Hiring Our Heroes was started by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and aims to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment and KISS (still led by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley) wants to contribute to the cause by hiring a vet as a roadie for their summer tour with Mötley Crüe.

Here are the details:

The band is looking for touring set carpenter who will travel with the band from July 14 through Sept. 25.

The lucky veteran who gets the gig will be part of the team that assembles the KISS stage set, helps run effects during the show and takes down the set afterwards. Applicants do not need to be a trained carpenter, but will work long hours.

To apply for this job, send an email to hiringourheroes@uschamber.com with your resume and contact details.

No word if the gig might also including driving the (rumored) semi truck that pulls a giant makeup trailer, managing Gene's legendary Polaroid collection or invites to join the band for after-show activities. In any case, the guy (and, face it, it's going to be a guy) who gets the job probably ought to be single or get some kind of irrevocable free pass from the Mrs. before he hits the road.

Our more cynical readers have probably noticed that KISS has offered exactly one (1) job (as opposed to the 1,000 veteran jobs pledged by Comcast & NBC/Universal) or that the band's not exactly in the same demographic as the returning vets looking for work. Let's take note that more contemporary acts like Dave Matthews, Coldplay or Taylor Swift haven't stepped up with a similar opportunity and KISS just got UTR to write about the Hiring Our Heroes campaign, so let's salute the old guys in facepaint for their efforts.

If you're interested in Hiring Our Heroes and looking for work, check out this advice from Rear Admiral T. McCreary (Ret). The president of Military.com took online questions yesterday and has some solid guidance for your job search.

Also, dont forget that KISS has made some serious efforts on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project. Check out this video of them presenting a $500K check in 2010:



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