Under the Radar

No More Marine YouTube Dating!



Alright, it was pretty funny when Justin Timberlake maneuvered Mila Kunis into and corner and basically made it impossible for her to say no to an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball.

And it was still okay when a female Marine seized the day, called Justin out and got herself a dream date of her own.

But this is stupid. The national media reflexively picks up the story when a hip hop artist who happens to be a Marine veteran posts a video asking Internet favorite Betty White to a Marine Ball. Betty has sense enough to say no, but the guy gets a ton of free publicity for his attempt at a music career and makes a nice story start to grate a little. Maybe a lot.

So here's the deal. We're done with celebrity dating and the Marine Corps Ball unless one of you guys wants to step up and post a video inviting Tim Tebow to be your date. That might get our attention.


UPDATE: Sigh. This just gets worse. Linda Hamilton, star of The Terminator and the woman who allegedly stole James Cameron from Kathryn Bigelow, has stepped in and offered to take the rapper to the Marine Ball. There's a lesson here. Marine veteran asks a lady old enough to be his grandmother on a date via YouTube: lame but possibly funny. Lady old enough to be Marine's mom who hasn't had a good movie role in a very long time asks out a young-enough-to-be-her-son Marine veteran via YouTube: kinda uncomfortable. Someone please give the nice lady a job and let's just stop all this nonsense right now.

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