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Kill Osama Yourself



Fans of the long-running PC game KumaWar 2 can already experience the thrill of killing Osama bin Laden with the free download of Episode 107. It's a multiplayer game, so you'll be randomly selected to play as a Navy SEAL or as one of the men assigned to protect bin Laden.

Kuma Games CEO Keith Halper explained his company's perspective to the Hollywood Reporter:

We read the same published reports as everyone else, though I suspect with a different eye. Since we have to reproduce events in 3D we care deeply about esoteric details like distances, heights, vegetation, furniture and the like that have to be re-created in the game. Sounds -- dogs barking, helicopters orbits, pyrotechnics -- those are important too. It's all available in the public sources, and there was a tremendous amount of data released as you know, but the magic is in piecing together the details from the million little clues order to create a convincing 3D environment.

If you play Counter Strike: Source, you can also download a reasonably convincing map of the Abbottabad hideout.

There will certainly be more "Kill bin Laden? gaming options in the next few weeks and months. We'll do our best to keep you in the loop.

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