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Train Wants to Help You Close the Deal



If anyone out there is looking to get engaged and also happens to be deployed overseas, Train wants to help you close the deal. To promote their new single "Marry Me," they're running a promotion in conjunction with USA Today to help military personnel propose to their significant others via a video hookup live at a Train concert.

Some of you cynical people out there probably find Train kind of irritating, but UTR has decided to take a positive spin on this project and not wonder if Pat Monahan consulted a marketing firm before writing a song called "Marry Me." Hell, we won't even make fun of the Train Wine Club.

If you think Train can help you get a long-distance "yes," then submit written, audio or video and tell us a wonderful story about your significant other (can be anything: how you met, first time you met the parents etc...) to trainproposal@trainline.com (links preferred for audio/video but small files < 5 megabytes are okay). The deadline is May 4, 2011 at Midnight EST.

Good luck and please let us know if you get hitched at a Train show.


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