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USO Plays the Fame Game



Since not everyone watches Entertainment Tonight, Under the Radar presents our Know Your Celebrity guide to the 2010 USO Gala.

Featured in our Celebrity Messages to the Troops video are in order of appearance: Trisha Yearwood (country singer who's married to that nice Garth Brooks guy), William Fichtner (world class character actor who was in Black Hawk Down and played Johnny Drama's TV producer last season in Entourage), Madison Pettis (kid actor who played The Rock's daughter in The Game Plan movie), Senator Carl Levin (Michigan politician trying to get some face time in front of a camera), Rose McGowan (actress who used to go out with that nasty Marilyn Manson fellow), Kim Coates (Canadian charter actor who was also in Black Hawk Down and plays Tig on Sons of Anarchy) and Tichina Arnold (actress from Everybody Hates Chris). We used IMDB.com so you don't have to.

Here's another video where most of the same folks give a message to military spouses and their families.


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