Under the Radar

Cable News Smackdown


Faced with an expansion of the war in Afghanistan, a national debate about the future of health care and an ongoing economic crisis, our national news media is pointing its laser focus on the only thing it truly cares about: itself.

This weekend, CNN's Rick Sanchez devoted over six minutes to a pro-wrestling-style smackdown of a Fox News newspaper ad that mocked its competitors for what Fox called their insufficient coverage of the September 12th Tea Parties in Washington, DC.

Sanchez never points out that the news story in question was about an event staged and promoted by Fox News, instead delivering a tedious recap of everything story CNN did to cover Fox's media circus.

And there's no doubt it's a circus, as evidenced by this YouTube video showing a young Fox News producer whipping up the crowd while Fox reporter Griff Jenkins is reporting live.

CNN and MSNBC will angrily report this and Fox will snipe back, complaining about the bias of the liberal media. None of them will actually research and report the news.

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