Under the Radar

Buzz Aldrin's Right is No Hoax


Apollo 11's manned lunar landing, celebrating its 40th anniversary on July 20th, stands as the United States' greatest application of military technology for peacetime purposes. Rather than celebrate that accomplishment, CNN has once again given a platform to the wackjob conspiracy theorists who claim the moon landings are a hoax with a front-page story here on the news channel's website. 

Conspiracy theorists take all efforts to shut them up as more evidence of a coverup, so Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut to walk on the moon and now an aspiring rapper, gave the only rational response when he hauled off and slugged one of the crazies back in 2002 when the "investigator" ambushed Aldrin with video cameras.

Americans should thank the moon hoaxers for inspiring "Capricorn One," the 1978 classic film that features O.J. Simpson and Jack McCoy as astronauts who participate in a faked Mars landing, but otherwise it's time we stopped paying attention.

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