Poll: Will You Let the Movers Pack Your Underwear?


Military PCS moves are the source of endless controversy and discussion in the military community. DITY or let the movers pack you? Tip them or buy them lunch? Bribe them with your leftover booze or pack it in your car?

But all of those questions pale in comparison with the mother of all military PCS move questions: Do you or do you not let them pack your underpants and other, ahem, sensitive items? 

We know you expect SpouseBuzz to provide you with hard hitting news from the spouse world and posts that make you feel like you're not alone. But sometimes we just need to talk about the important life questions, like underwear. And things kept near underwear. And whether or not movers should be meddling with those kinds of things. 

I can see both sides of this equation. On the one hand, just let the folks do their jobs. On the other hand, is messing with your bedroom items really anyone's job but yours? (I'm just saying.)

So tell us, wise military spouses of the internet: What say you?


And here's what you said:



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