What We Did NOT Mean to Do: Start a MilKid War

We owe you an apology. We ran a post - 9 Reasons the Obama Girls are Like Military Kids - that you really took issue with. It caused a firestorm. It created an uproar. It made you feel like we broke your trust. And for that we are sorry.

To us it seemed like a reasonable post. It's the Month of the Military Child! These are the Commander-in-Chief's kids! Surely they have some things in common. Surely we can draw some good parallels in a fun, lighthearted way between the world’s most famous teens and the kids who have done something to deserve all the perks of fame.

But many of our readers made a great point - comparisons can be truly dangerous. What we saw when we read your comments was the idea that the lives of the Obama girls are actually not comparable in any impactful way to the everyday sacrifices and strength of our amazing military kids.

Doing anything to detract from those sacrifices is ignoring your needs, our mission, and our responsibilities.

At SpouseBuzz we don’t retract stories -- it's one of our rules. But we also have another bigger, principle --  a commitment to run opposing viewpoints when given the chance. Less than 12 hours after we shared the original post on our Facebook page and started reading your comments, and only two hours after a counter-post landed in my inbox at just after 3 a.m., I pushed it live. You can read that post here.

Here at Military.com’s SpouseBuzz we stand by the military way of life – and the knowledge that we are happier and healthier people when we work as a community than when we rip each other to shreds.

We apologize for becoming a part of creating a storm, however unintentionally.

We also stand by you. Because like you, we are military wives and the mothers of military kids who deserve the kind of celebration this month is all about.

Sincerely, Amy Bushatz

Editor, SpouseBuzz.com


Photo courtesy U.S. Army.

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