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Let's face it, our community is full of amazing people doing astounding things for their communities. A little public recognition not only sounds like a good idea -- it is the least we can do for each other. But you're going to need to do it soon.

Once a year military spouses have the opportunity to make that happen through a special awards program for military spouses, by military spouses.


The Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of Year Awards is a unique contest because it allows not only spouses from every branch and every installation or region to be recognized, but it does so through a series of public, popularity voting online and consideration by a duo of panels comprised of senior branch spouses, past winners and magazine officials. Everyone who wants a say in who wins gets one.


Winners are chosen for each base or, in some cases, region. Those winners then go on to round two, and five winners are chosen to represent their branches. One of those five is then chosen as the spouse of the year, and the award is announced at a luncheon in May just outside Washington D.C.

If a worthy spouse in your community hasn't already popped to mind, I want you to give it a think. Who do you know who goes above and beyond for his or her family and community? Who is knocking this military spouse life out of the park? (And, by the way, there's nothing saying you can't nominate yourself. We won't tell!)

And then I want you to go over here to Military Spouse Magazine's website and nominate him or her. Nominations are closing soon -- and I mean really soon. You have until Jan. 15 to get in names before the system closes down to get ready for voting, which will start Jan. 21. 

Here are a few rules about who you can nominate from their website. 

-- You have to be an ID card carrying spouse of a current member of the U.S. Armed Forces -- that means Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and National Guard all qualify.

-- If you are Guar you are eligible if your service member has been activated for at least 180 days on or before the MSOY nominations deadline. If Reserve, your service members needs to have been activated for at least 180 consecutive days in the last 12 months.

-- You can't be a currently serving members of the military (including Reserve or Guard)

-- You have to be at least 18-years-old.

Go! Do it! Nominate!


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