Poll: New Years Resolutions Are for the Birds?


I'm a resolutions kind of girl. It appeals to my list making and box checking habit. And yes, I've been known to put things on a list I've already completed just so I could feel the joy of checking it off. I also have a specific type of pen I prefer for this task. Don't judge me.

But the problem with New Year's resolutions, I think, isn't the resolutions themselves -- it's the fact that there is always more than one. I could maybe handle developing one new habit immediately after collapsing in exhaustion from the crazy that is the holiday season. But a whole pile of them? Crazy talk.


Still, that has never stopped me from making a whole pile anyway. Take last year, for example. I wrote this fancy post about all the things I was going to make into new habits in 2014.  I think I did pretty well with most of the attitude changes. But the things that took actual action like exercising more with my service member, taking time to be still and keeping in touch with friends OFF social media? Yeah, those died fast. I said I was going to send physical birthday cards to people ... and I did, for about four months. And then I forgot and that was that.

So this year I'm wondering if I should just skip the whole resolution thing entirely. Or maybe I should resolve to just keep being the best me I can and the rest fall into place on its own.

What about you? Take our little poll and tell us -- are you making resolutions this year, or leaving the whole thing behind?



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