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We are a Sesame Street household. I've been sold on the entire franchise since I was two-years-old, and my love grew even deeper when my military kid son was born and I discovered that the Sesame Street Workshop folks produce a series especially for military families, as well as traveling the country with a free Sesame Street USO show. (And also, hilarious song parodies like this one don't hurt).

The first two of these military focused productions were aimed at helping military children deal with grief and deployment, respectively. Now they are in the process of producing a project on resilience, and one of the sections deals with divorce.

And they need your help.

You can check out all the details below, but please note that their requirements are very, very specific -- not just for the kind of person they are looking for, but also for where they are located. Also, please note that they are specifically looking for an enlisted family.

Here's the info our Sesame Street friend Chrissy App forwarded us:

For the Divorce DVD, we need to film a divorced military family who fits these qualifications:

- Children live with the mom (who is not military/enlisted) anywhere in continental US - Dad is enlisted in the military, either Active Duty or National Guard/Reserve - Dad lives away from mom and kids somewhere else in the US, and he's NOT currently deployed - The divorce occurred more than 6 months and less than 3 years ago - The child(ren) telling the story should be between the ages of 10 and 11, and should have at least one sibling age 6 or younger (note: children will need to feel comfortable talking/being in front of camera). The goals of the live action films are: -  Obtain a child's perspective about a divorce experience (so we need a child/children who are willing to speak) -  Provide strategies for children and their families to ease the impact of the divorce. -  Show that every family's situation may be different, and that "you're not alone." -   Demonstrate that coping with change can get easier over time.

We need to find several potential families to screen from which we can ultimately choose ONE family that will be documented in our resources. Any interested families can contact me by emailing militaryfamilies@sesame.org

You can get all the details for the resiliency project -- Little Children, Big Challenges here. Bonus: it is centered around one of my more recent favorite Sesame Street songs, "What We Are." (I say "more recent" because, really, Lady Bug Picnic is going to be my number one favorite forever). Show Full Article

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