Poll: How do you Solo Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary?


Thursday is my four year wedding anniversary. Because the Army takes into account all important holidays and dates in my life when making its plans, my sweetheart is leaving that day at 0-dark-thirty for a month of far away training.

Since I’m big on imaginary dramatic moments, I like to picture myself celebrating our wedding anniversary solo that evening as I sob on my couch in front of a really, really sad movie -- like the first 20 minutes of “Up!” (Have you SEEN that movie? It should've come with a warning on the box. Pixar should not be that sad).

But in reality I know that’s a very bad idea. Why wallow when I can find something to do that will actually make me feel better? Instead of movie-crying-time, I’m planning to hang out with a group of friends and take a huge tub of Blue Bonnet ice cream as my date.

How do you celebrate your solo wedding anniversaries? Take our poll and give me your more creative, off-poll ideas below.



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