What You Missed: Royal Silliness and Mustaches


If you were off doing something other than surfing the internet and reading People Magazine this week

Newsflash: tabloids are ridiculous

You probably already knew that … but did you know that they are even more ridiculous than normal when it comes to their apparent wide-eyed misunderstanding of all military wives?

… Even that of Kate Middleton.


TRICARE tries to be helpful, launches new blog

TRICARE’s subsidiary Tri-West recently launched a helpful blog chockfull of useful resources.

Take a peek at Kristle’s review.


MyCAA doesn’t have to be your path to a degree

With MyCAA less than helpful for most of the military spouse community, it’s nice to know that there are other ways to get a degree.

Jacey shares some tips.


With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility

It’s the favorite month of the year for Air Force spouses around the country – mustache March.

How do you survive?


Free Basketball for all!

So maybe sports don’t get you up in the morning, but odds are pretty good that there is someone in your house who just loves March Madness.

Now you can all of it for free. Looking for a career? Make sure your email is professional

First impressions are everything – and sometimes that first impression is over email.

Check out these great email tips.


Baby steps? Maybe not.

Our very own Lori Volkman is Tri-West’s featured spouse blogger of the month.

See her guest post here!

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