Family Meeting!


Poor kids thought that we were arguing. We were having a discussion of future plans and scenarios that will affect all of us. It was going in circles and opinions were being discussed between the two of us.

We’re pretty passionate folks when it comes to our points of view and our future so I can see why the youngest came in and said “Stop fighting please.”

At dinner, we decided to bring up the topic for discussion and ask the kids for their input and opinions. After all, it will be the life they have to live as well and two of them are at an age where the questions would be understood. The ‘peace maker’ would be happy if we said we were moving to Wally World!

They pleasantly surprised us with their thoughts about continuing military life, our possible next home location and the opportunities they would have there to pursue their long-held interests. They even received a quick language lesson from dad!

I believe that conversation eased the intensity of our discussions, which we continued on our own after dessert.

Family meetings aren’t new in our house. We have one for every PCS and deployment. This one was different as it concerns staying or going from this life.

Of course we run this show and our kids have always accepted the moves, deployments and so longs with strength and grace.

It lifted quite a bit of our angst to hear their thoughts and know that they will forever carry the positive and adventurous spirit of a military child.

Whatever path we take, that was music to our ears and hearts.

SAFS is an Air Force veteran, Air Force wife, Army brat and Army mom. Occasionally feeds and waters her blog and tweets  about television, life, football and shopping.

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