Silence Can Be Golden

Recently after my husband returned from Iraq I fell off the earth. The thought sharing, internet reaching earth.  Blogging during the deployment was an opportunity to 'get things out' and share with others experiencing or about to experience the same thing.

Post-reunion left me in self-imposed blackout.  It wasn't from online drama.  It wasn't from scheduling overload.  It wasn't that we were in police custody.  It was just the reunion itself that needed some silence to surround it.

Moments in life can render one mute and I only had words for those I love and care for up close. We had to circle the wagons and manage the onslaught of situations and feelings in our personal and professional lives.

I did a few tweets and even fewer personal Facebook posts, but for the most part my words were on lock down. When thoughts and emotions become a twisted knot, I didn’t trust that what I wanted to convey would be what was received. Who does that benefit?

There was a comment I read on a post and I wish I could remember the topic.  His statement verbalized what I could not,  “Taste your words before you speak them.”  Yes! I would taste and they were not fit to serve to my readers, even on my best dinnerware. So I stirred and stirred until the taste became more palatable.

Time has passed and the situations have eased. Everyone I was concerned for, myself included, are doing a lot better.

Until this moment, sharing anything wouldn’t have done any good and my blogging life is about sharing experiences and finding solutions.

There are times in life when it is best to just be still, be quiet and listen.

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