Should Commands Be Involved? Marine Slander Suit


I’m sure you’ve heard or read the debates about military spouses calling their sponsor’s command over family and marital matters. Should they, or shouldn’t they?

The former spouse of a Marine did just that this summer and he is suing her for slander because of it. Of course, two sides of the story are laid out and each one paints the other person as the ‘bad guy’. The victims here are indeed the children. Lack of child support and cancelled visitations are alleged. As for the debate which continues online and off, what role should the military play when it comes to ensuring children receive timely support? If a spouse is openly cheating who does the other spouse notify?

One argument I feel is moot is the ‘What if s/he worked for Company X?’ This isn’t the private sector and the military has a culture of minding what the troops may have going on in their personal lives. It’s part of the job, and that’s just that. Civilian employment cannot be compared to military in these regards.

When I was a service member, there were times I felt like I was babysitting outside of the work center, but that’s the nature of the beast and what was required of me to do.

For those who vehemently oppose involving a member’s superiors in situations such as these, do you support this military member fighting back?

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