Attempt to Gut Commissary Dead for Now


An attempt by Congress to combine the commissary and exchange systems under one, big umbrella store is dead for now, I report over at Military.com today.

The measure would’ve put an end to all the different exchange systems and the commissary agency (DeCA), and instead opened one military wide exchange like store.

The biggest concern about this idea was that it would raise prices for everything, including groceries, at least seven percent – and make shopping on base stateside pretty much pointless.

Lawmakers had talked about giving active duty families a $400 per year grocery stipend to make up for the extra cost, but organizations who were against the issue, including the National Military Family Association, pointed out that such a small sum would barely even touch the extra money current commissary shoppers would have to spend on groceries. They said a family of four saves about $4,400 a year shopping at the commissary – not $400.

So, rest easy spouses – the commissary as we know it is around for at least a little bit longer.

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