Hurricane Irene and the Military Community


The east coast of the United States is bracing for Hurricane Irene. Looking at the current projections, people from Florida all the way up to New England will be affected in some way by this massive hurricane. The projected path shows that several military-rich environments could be affected, and the National Guard stands at the ready.

We're tracking developments closely and plan to report on how Irene impacts our military community. There are several spouses along the east coast who will be reporting on developments in their area over the next several days. First and foremost is safety. Mother Nature should never be underestimated. We hope everyone is heeding the warnings, adequately preparing and evacuating if you're told to do so. If you have photos, video or stories that you would like to share of your preparation, evacuation or the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, please send them to spousebuzz@military-inc.com and we'll include as many as we can in our comprehensive coverage, which will begin late this evening or early tomorrow morning. You can follow the developments here and on twitter.

But once again, we want to stress that nobody should risk life or limb to report on developments. Please take care of yourselves and your family first and do not put yourselves in danger. If you have something to contribute from a position of safety either before or after the storm, please send it to us.

As for now, those of you who are in the projected path, please feel free to share with us how your local communities (and your family) are preparing for Hurricane Irene. National Guard spouses, what are your spouses being told about their role during Irene, and her aftermath?

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