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If you could give one piece of advice to a less experienced MilSpouse, what would it be? We asked Deanie Dempsey, long time Army wife and spouse of the new Army Chief of Staff, that very question. Here is what she said:


Amy Bushatz: Hi I’m Amy Bushatz and I’m here with Deanie Dempsey. She’s the spouse of the new Army Chief of Staff [Gen.] Martin Dempsey. Thanks so much for talking to us today, ma’am.

Deanie Dempsey: Oh, it’s my honor I’m really happy to do it. So thank you for having me.

AB: We were hoping that you could share with us your number one piece of advice for young military spouses.

DD: Two things. In initially I would say “have a sense of humor.” I think that’s what gets us through not only the hard times but moves and all that is accompanying it. But I think I would say become familiar with all the programs that are out there for you. We’ve got lots of things to help take care of families and we really feel how important families are to the mission. So I think if you become familiar with those and have a buddy-network system to get through that, that sure helps. And like I said, I think a sense of humor goes a long way too.

AB: Thank you so much

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