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This week's update includes the topics:  Government Shutdown and Military Pay, Spouse Hiring Preferences, AAFES Website Relaunch, Updating DEERS, New Army Family Education Programs, Understanding Special Pay, Federal Shutdown Would Impact Some Commissaries, Navy Stress Management Course, Military Couples Study, Paternity Leave in the Military, Building a Solid Financial Foundation, Military Counseling Benefits, Military Spouse Scholarships and much more.


From Military Report:

Would Shutdown Halt Pay?

Hiring Preferences for Military Spouses

AAFES Re-Launches Website

Keeping DEERS Updated

New Army Family Education Programs

Understanding Military Special Pay

Federal Shutdown Would Impact Some Commissaries

Understanding the GI Bill

Navy Stress Management Course

Where to Turn if Shutdown Happens

More updates can be found here and here.

Updates from MilitaryLife.com:

March Commissary Savings

Tax Tips for 2-State Residents

Spring Into National Nutrition Month

Frozen Food Month

Updates from AUSA:

GI Bill Changes May Send Some Vets Into Debt

What's New For Military Tax Payers

ACS to Employ Pilot Transformation

DoD Improves Troops' Access to Quality Education

Paternity Leave in the Military

Reintegration Study for Military Couples

Updates from NMFA:

New Military Spouse Scholarship

Looking for a Federal Telework Job?

DoD Proposes Increase in Pharmacy Co-Pays

Apply for Financial Counseling Fellowship

Military Opens First TBI Center in Europe

Updates from The Paycheck Chronicles:

Military Spouse Scholarship for Medical Fields

Military Counseling Benefits

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Building a Solid Financial Foundation

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