Reintegration Sex: "It Wasn't How I Pictured it"


If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, reintegration is tough. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, I think reintegration has the ability to rival the deployment. It's not easy learning to live together again after so much time apart. TH wonders if she's experiencing something unusual:

Without getting into much detail, my husband recently returned from overseas. We all anticipate their return and have visions of what the the reunion will be but my vision was nothing like real life. We're not dealing with PTS or bad moods or anything like that. We're so happy to be back together. You think that you have all this time apart and that it would be hard to stay out of the bedroom when they return, but our reunion was a little awkward. It wasn't how I pictured it and that's not necessarily bad but I'm wondering if I'm the only one who pictured two weeks of fireworks or feel like we're leaning everything all over again. Do other people feel this way after a long absence?
Let's face it, this isn't an easy topic to discuss. However, it's a huge issue for military spouses, especially those who are experiencing their first separation. We've received dozens and dozens of emails and inquiries about reestablishing sex lives after redeployment. At our SpouseBUZZ LIVE events, we often deal with reintegration sex in a humorous manner. It breaks the ice, but it also let's everyone know that they're not alone.

The term "reintegration" encompasses many things, including resuming your physical relationship. Such a natural act can quickly become complicated and leave milspouses wondering what's going on. We don't know the intimate details of TH's family life, but we do have our own experiences to draw from. I know that TH isn't the only one who feels like she's crawling around in the dark trying to find her way after a redeployment. Reintegration is a process. Often, a long and painful one....

As for the two weeks of fireworks, let me just say that when they return, happy though they are to see us, they're usually pretty tired....

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