Holidays Together, Holidays Apart


Ah, New Year's Eve...a holiday that brings to mind glamorous couples, with fancy clothes, and elegant drinks, dancing across a sparkly dance floor.  Or bundled up folks in Times Square.  Or something else fun, and together.

The reality, especially for military folks, is that New Year's Eve is often spent apart.  Midnight where you are might not be midnight where your spouse is living.  It is hardly worth getting a babysitter to go out alone.  Heck, I spent last New Year's Eve in a hotel half way home from my in-laws, surrounded by my children and drinking champagne out of a paper cup.

This year, we are all home together and getting ready to play some family games until it nears ball dropping time.  I'm thankful for the chance to be together.

For all of you who are celebrating New Year's without your loved one, thank you for holding up the home front while they protect us all.

To those of you are able to be with your spouse, I hope you enjoy!

Here's looking forward to a great 2011.

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