When Old Becomes New Again


One of the features of the new website is to see all of the posts each author has made.  I was telling Seadaddy that I was shocked I had so many I had to hit the back button more than once before I got to my first post.

After looking at it again today, it turns out the shift to our new platform attributed some posts to me in error. One of the posts was something Sarah wrote the first month SpouseBUZZ went live.  Permission was about her husband coming home and asking if she would be ok with him going to an assignment where deploying was definite.

Life tends to be funny like that.  Just yesterday Seadaddy came home and said his command got a billet for an IA deployment to Afghanistan for his rate and rank.  He had already filled out the chit to throw his name into the hat, but wanted to make sure I was on board before he officially turned it in.   Every eligible sailor at his command is also volunteering, so it is not terribly likely he will be going.

For many of the reasons Sarah talked about in her post, not standing in the way of his desire to deploy was not a difficult decision for me to make. Milspouses tend to fall firmly in the 'Please do what you feel called to do' or the 'I'd rather you chop that hand off before you raise it' category when it comes to deployments.  Yet another way that one person's weird is another person's normal.  I don't think that there is a right or wrong when it comes to this.

Seadaddy found out about his first IA deployment by a relative stranger in his command congratulating him when they bumped into each other walking down a hallway.  I still smile at the way my husband describes the guy's face as he realizes Seadaddy has no idea what he is talking about.   That deployment impacted my husband in many ways (most of them good).  I think he will always want to take assignments like that.   The idea of volunteering offering us a bit of control that Sarah spoke of in her post really resonates with me.

This isn't the first time he has requested to deploy, and whether he goes on this IA or not, I fully expect it won't be his last attempt to do so.

What has your experience been when it comes to your family and deployments?

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