My son looks out for me (so sweet!)

As a military spouse I, like many of you, have spent thousands of hours doing volunteer work at various duty stations. While at our last duty station I was involved in 4 different volunteer activities on/ near post. One day my son (age 10) asked me how much I get paid for volunteering...

My response: Nothing. I'm a volunteer.

Son: WHAT!?!?! You do all this work and you don't get paid???!!!

Me: That's why it's called volunteering. I choose to volunteer my time and talents because I want to - not to get paid.

Son: But that's not fair!

So I explained the concept of volunteering and why I (and so many others) do it. He seemed to be a bit more accepting after that.

Now I have a job with a paycheck (YAY!!!). The other night my son asked me how much I get paid - I told him it was none of his concern. Then he asked if I am volunteering or getting paid (not sure why since he just asked how much I got paid). I again told him I get paid for the work I do. And his response:

"Oh. So you are in a paid volunteer position."

Ummm... not exactly.

Cracked me up!

Out of the mouths of babes...

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